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Research Paper on Leadership

Usual questions attached to the concept of leadership are: Are leadership skills innate? Can it be taught? Or could someone learn how to be an effective leader? Psychologists have studied the level of leadership skills a person can acquire as well as to provide answers on questions regarding leadership skills and styles.

Leadership does not simply involve the ability to direct an individual or a group to fulfill a job or task. Leaders must be able to develop skills that are beyond the limits of being a director. Some of the main attitudes that a good leader must possess are: self-awareness; personal conviction; courage; creativity; curiosity; ability to inspire, listen and innovate; willingness to reflect; and is also a good team member.

Writing Research Paper on Leadership

A number of business educators provide and design leadership courses that aim to instill leadership skills. Yet for some, the idea of teaching leadership seems to be a little uncomfortable. Teaching implies the delivery of knowledge from one person to another; where leadership is concerned, they say, students must often discover that knowledge for themselves. On the other hand, almost all specialists are working on research paper on leadership to provide academic grounds and explanations for a more effective leadership. But then again, leadership has social and political manifestations which lead for some to create a number of leadership research papers.

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